Sunday, September 7, 2008

Niche Blogger Review--Who is Amy Bass and What Does She Know About Blogging?

Who is Amy Bass?

Amy Bass is a young stay-at-home with four kids. Her husband used to be employed by the United States Army but lost his job because of severe epilepsy.

In May 2007, Amy made a goal to pay off their $72,900 debt by April 2009 using only her skills as an internet marketer. Amy first began using programs like CashCrate, Associated Content, and ReadersPaid. Eventually she discovered blogging.

She currently has paid off $45,900. She has $27,000 left to pay off before April, and the way things are going for her--it looks she'll achieve her goal ahead of schedule!

You can read more about Amy's journey on her blog:

Amy's Blogging Blueprint

Through trial and error--Amy has put together a blogging blueprint that she claims generates $5/day for each blog she creates. Amy claims that once the blog is created, everything runs on autopilot.

She says, "I have blogs I haven't touched in almost a year that still make me $10 - $12 a day!"

Another thing I find amazing is that Amy claims to only write and submit 2 articles for each blog she creates!

Amy created her membership site, The Niche Blogger, to teach people just like you and me how to make money online using simple niche blogs. In fact, this program is exactly what she gave her computer illiterate mom to follow--so you can be sure she hasn't left anything out.

The one thing I like about this program is that you create useful blogs that people actually want to read and visit! I hate the thought of filling cyperspace with more junk. I also don't like the thought of creating blogs, articles, and Squidoo pages just to promote my affiliate links. Of course, we all want to make money--but would you be willing to share these techniques with your friends and family? What about your mother?

For the first time in a long time, I'm excited and proud to be an internet marketer. I can't wait to get started!

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ok amanda, thanks for your review,
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